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The Cultures et communication association was created in 1982, with the aim of  promoting the development  culture of all and the  meeting each other while respecting  differences. 

A little history

  • January 1999, she opened the Café-Lecture of Toulon rue d'Antrechaus,


  • 2001 it becomes the Café-culture, and moves to 2 rue Baudin, to support its inhabitants in the renovation of the district.

  • 2006, the Municipality provides the association with premises at 24 rue Paul Lendrin, small but well located on the Petit Cours Lafayette.

Our goals

  • Animate the old center with events that will promote the participation and mixing of the inhabitants towards a real social mix.

  • Offer a friendly place where you can read the press while having a coffee, meet friends, take part in our various cultural workshops

  • To bring out testimonies on the memory of the district, (squares and monuments, old trades that have disappeared, emblematic people, traditions) gathered in the 12 issues of the Mesclun magazine.

Our cultural offer

It's weekly workshops, monthly events (exhibitions, conferences-debates, film screenings), storytelling evenings, circus afternoons, street entertainment.


Cultures et communication has more than 200 members and many supporters. It is supported by the municipality of Toulon, by TPM, by the Departmental Council as well as by donations from members and some Toulon structures (sponsorship).

Who are we?

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